Sunday, June 16, 2013

F is for Fireworks!!

Yup. F again. These were the summer games fireworks that are one of the best parts of summer. Yay!

S is for s'mores

We love S'mores topped with ice cream, and this was the perfect way to welcome Daddy back home after he had been gone for a week for work.

W is for wash tub baths

After these crazy kids went completely hog wild in a mud puddle in the back yard, there was no way we were letting them set foot in the house until they had washed off all the mud. So we filled the metal washtub with warm, soapy water and bathe them all in the back yard.

M is for Machines!!!!

  This summer has been all about machines for Rome! He eats, sleeps, drinks and breathes machines. In fact, whenever he sees a machine, whether he's smiling, crying, eating, falling asleep, fighting with his sisters or doing any other thing, he will stop and hone in on the machine. He's tortured every member of our family by insisting that we watch ever single episode of  Mighty Machines on netflix (and we will probably be doing it again.) He's such a little boy and I love that we have found something that he loves!

M is for Mud Mania!!

M is for Mud Mania!  This all started out as an innocent little mud puddle. That got bigger. And became a playground that none of our kids could resist. Will we ever get this situation cleaned up? I have no idea but they had a blast playing in the slippery slidey goopy gloppy mud.

L is for Lemonade stands!

  Every  summer we have to give a nod to Mckinleys entrepreneurial genius and host a lemonade stand. This year Mckinley was so excited to sell her lemonade to everyone in the neighborhood that she started yelling to all of our neighbors to help with the advertising. 3 pitchers of country time later Kinley was raking in the loot. She made a killing and came out 7 dollars richer. As a side note, Dolce was the sometimes uncommitted business partner and at one point during the lemonade stand she came running in the house screaming and crying because a stranger was riding up the street on his bike and she was afraid he might buy some lemonade. Stranger danger is top priority at our house. Even above customer service. Haha!

G is for Guys night out!!

 a couple of weeks ago, Rome got to go to Fathers and sons! It was his first campout ever and I think I was more excited about it than anyone. I knew he would love it even though he's only 2 years old. He was a little confused about having his blankey and jammies packed up and put in the car with all of the camping gear and he was a little scared when he realized that I wasn't coming with him. But once he and his Dad and Uncle Johnny got on the road, he never thought once about his mommy or sisters until he got home the next day. It was actually a little bit cold and the girls at home were worried about him camping, but David said that he played really hard and slept like a log. He especially loved throwing rocks in the pond and having his Daddy all to himself.